Sunday, March 18, 2012

I choose this way

Still not sleepy. As usual yeah this is me Anis Syahidah :)
I don't know what happen to me today
I was like urghhhhh what Im gonna do! Such a boring day
I hate final
Empty. Yeah definitely empty without you
Where are you? Don't you miss me?
Do you know what I've been through my dear?
Hard and terrible
Trying to chill out with my girls but when I sit alone, I can see you through my heart
People say I should move on
I try my hardest but I failed
After four years and I give him my heart but the same thing happened
I don't know
I want to move on but I love him. Too much
Mouth can lie but heart can't
And I will keep on lying so that people will see me fine without you :)
Let people think that way and let me feel the pain and accept the reality that we're not meant to each other
This is my life and I choose this way. Hold on as long as I can
This is my story. Not everyone understand what I've been through and I won't ask them to understand
I will love you till I can let you go sincerely
Pray for you happiness sayang