Friday, March 11, 2011

Be Strong , Anis !


Okayy he keep on saying this "keep smiling"
And I know whyyyyy
Haihh -.-'
It's not like that laaaa
I do adore him , really adore
But I love him , still loving him and that was the truth
Maybe I am too much loving him
And maybe I am still hoping
But I know , be with him ? It just in my dream
He ask me to find my Mr.Right
I've found him
But he do not see me kan ?
It's okayy
I'll wait as long as I can

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This is the reason why i left you before
Remember ?


To my sayanggg SITI SYAKIRAH
Iloveyou soooo much
I don't want you to get hurt anymore
With the same person
I know you love him but LOVE does not make you hurt till you cry
Just look at me
It is not about being single 
But this is about having fun and feel happy with our surrounding
I know you're not happy isn't it ?
Stop pretending that you're happy
Not to be like batu api but you know what I meant 
Take your time


okayy setakat ni dh bg dia  tiga benda
first 'keep smiling' tu
second , 'keep smiling' lagi
third , bg dia keychain :)
yeyes kan ? haha
semalam kaki terseliuh
dia pun samaaaaaa ;)
chemistry HAHA
udah udah
jgn mengharap sgt