Friday, September 14, 2012

Night. Court. Sweat. Fun

11 September 2012
Night. Netball court
Thanks a lot to Fitrah for her cooperation
Thanks again cause willing to be my client hehe
I think I'm not good enough to be your trainer
But no worries dear, next sem I'll make sure that you will lose your weight
I will make your dreams come true kahkah

So we started with warm up
Slow jog around the court. About 5 round
Then they do stretching
I'm not wearing my shoe so I ask Fitrah to do it with Zura's client
Since Fitrah came a lilbit late than others, she have to do bleep test first
Quite impressed with her result. Non athlete can do 5.2 for bleep test
Congrats Fitrah. Very proud of you dear :*
Then we do stand stork balance and 10m shuttle run
Fitrah exhausted haha
It's normal. She did this for the first time, in her life for sure

Fitrah's body type is obessed but!
She can change it. I can change it
We can (y)

Cooling down is very important after you do any exercise or training
To avoid muscle soreness and so on
Alhamdulillah Fitrah is just fine :D

Fitrah got her own benefits. I got the marks

Once again
Thanks Fitrah :*