Monday, November 28, 2011

This is what I will do if I get bored
Twitter Facebook Blog Tumblr Youtube, malam malam buta ni
Okay #np Where Are You Now by Justin Bieber
I'm starving right nowwww :/
Where's my favourite? Nesvita? Where are you beby?
Okay itu pun dia. Thanks C125 cause provide me nesvita ;)
2am! Sharppp and I still here with my lappy
Let's make this clear. Actually I'm waiting for my phone rang
Next To You or Mr.Saxobeat, pleaseeeeee
Now, 2.07am. I took 7 minutes to type all this nonsense things
But still yet my C3 in silent mode
I don't want to expect more than I had now
2.18am :( I'm still waiting
Before 12am, I've called him twice. No answered
Maybe he still with his parents. I understand
2.23am. I think it's time to click PUBLISH POST button kannn
But it didn't mean that I'm going to sleep right now