Sunday, September 25, 2011



Yesterday and today was absolutely sucks
Yeah semalam I have no mood at all
Poor him . Sorry yayang I didn't mean it
They ask me out but I refuse , I have no mood kan ? So bilik je laa
And today pun tkd mood lg 
Tapi dah gtau dia awal awal sorry if tk reply msg dia and tk angkat call
Serious tkd mood
Msg call semua aku tak layan
And dia ttbe nak marah marah
Okay honestly , kecik hati sangat sangat dgn dia
Can you please understand me sayang ?
And the best part is dia tanya should we stop ? Whatthe haihh
Actually benda ni tkd kena mengena pun dgn dia 
Tapi dia start marah marah mcm tu haihh
Aku rply baik baik tp dia ?
I think silent is much better